Although Einstein was the greatest genius of the twentieth century, many of his ground-breaking discoveries were blighted by mistakes, ranging from serious errors in mathematics to bad misconceptions in physics and failures to grasp the subtleties of his own creations. This forensic biography dissects Einstein’s scientific mistakes and places them in the context of his turbulent life and times. In lively, accessible prose, the book paints a fresh, insightful portrait of the real Einstein at work, in contrast the the uncritical celebrity worship often inflicted on geniuses. 

Of the approximately 180 original scientific papers that Einstein published in his lifetime, about 40 are infested with mistakes. For instance, Einstein’s first mathematical proof of the famous formula E = mc2 was incomplete and only approximately valid; he struggled with this problem for many years, but he never found a complete proof (better mathematicians did). Einstein was often in the grip of irrational  and mystical inspirations,  but his profound intuition about physics permitted him to discover profound truths despite —and sometimes because of—the mistakes he made along the way. He was a sleepwalker: his intuition told him were he needed to go, and he somehow managed to get there without quite knowing how.

As this book persuasively argues, the defining hallmark of Einstein’s genius was not any special mathematical ability, but his uncanny talent to use his mistakes as stepping stones to formulate his revolutionary theories.

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