The fireplace mantel in the background, in the professor's lounge of Jones hall at Princeton, carries the inscription "Raffiniert ist der HerrGott aber boshaft ist Er nicht" (The Lord  is cunning, but not malicious) attributed to Einstein.  


Hans C. Ohanian is a writer and theoretical physicist. Born in Leipzig, of a Persian-Armenian father and a Czechoslovak-Austrian mother, he grew up in Germany and in Bolivia, and he received his university education in the U.S., at Berkeley and at Princeton. His main interest lies in relativity and quantum theory, and he studied general relativity with John A. Wheeler. He has taught at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Union College, the University of Rome, and the University of Vermont, and he has published more than half a dozen textbooks and several dozen articles on physics. He speaks English, German, Spanish, Italian, some French, and a few words of Russian. He now lives in Vermont, and in the summer often sails on Lake Champlain in his sloop appropriately named "ARCHIMEDES," on which he flies the green and blue flag of the free and independent original Vermont Republic.


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