“A theoretical physicist by training, Mr. Ohanian doesn’t write like one…Nor is Mr.Ohanian one of those petty biographers who delight only in turning up the failings—or turning out the dirty laundry—of great men...To see Einstein’s wanderings not as the strides of a god-like genius but as the steps and missteps of a man—fallible and imperfect—does not diminish our respect for him but rather enhances it.” — Darrin M. McMahon, Wall Street Journal

 “Having read two books about Einstein in the last year, I wasn't sure I could take another. But with his idiosyncratic style and cranky asides (at one point he calls the young Einstein 'an incorrigible and tactless loudmouth'), Ohanian kept me eagerly turning the pages.”—George Johnson, The Los Angeles Times

“Ohanian explores lesser known aspects of Einstein’s scientific endeavors, tracing how some of the discoveries came about, their link to works of those before him and the mistakes that he made in the process.” Nature

 “This is, without doubt, one of the most fascinating popular science books I have ever read.... It is an intriguing book…. Recommended.”—Brian Clegg,

 “A well-informed and thought-provoking critique of Einstein’s tantalizing combination of brilliance and blunder, bolstered by Ohanian’s own translations from the original German. Even Einstein Scholars may learn something.”—Andrew Robinson, NewScientist

 With his usual clarity, Ohanian brings to life an important era in the development of physics.  He underscores the human strengths and frailties of the protagonists and demonstrates how bumpy the road to scientific discovery really is.  An insightful and engaging read for experts and non-experts alike.—Kevork Spartalian, Department of Physics, University of Vermont

 “Ohanian, a former editor of the American Journal of Physics, proceeds through the years, rarely missing a paper, speech, interview, or controversy….Ohanian’s book delves …deeply into physics and into Einstein’s thought processes…A sophisticated overview of modern physics, including more of Einstein’s missteps than readers usually encounter.” Kirkus Reviews

 “[A] clear picture how the scientific and cultural worlds of early 20th century Europe influenced Einstein's theories about physical phenomena. The reader plunges deeply into Einstein's life and discovers the fundamental forces that shaped his achievements… for both scientist and non-scientist alike.” – John Boccio, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Swarthmore College

“Hans Ohanian writes that Albert often let his intuition overlie flawed proofs and shaky math. Maybe you’ll feel better about your own flubs.” Discover

“[Ohanian] writes fluently, with a good eye for a telling anecdote.” –Graham Farmelo, Times Higher Education Supplement

“A compelling portrait of a titan who stumbled his way into immortality.”Bryce Christensen, Booklist (Starred Review)

“Ohanian, to his credit, points out various problems that Einstein scholars have passed over in silence.” Michel Janssen, Physics Today

“...Einstein's Mistakes is a superlative intellectual biography of Einstein and an excellent introduction to the complex, complicated, and often counterintuitive discipline of modern physics. Ohanian is a clear and challenging writer...Anyone interested in the history of science should read this fascinating and rewarding book.” —Mark Greener, Fortean Times

“It is nice to know that even somebody like Einstein made mistakes sometimes...leaves the reader with a pleasan feeling. To use Einstein's own words: 'We all must from time to time make a sacrifice at the altar of stupidity.'”—Rob van Berg, NRC Handelsblad (Amsterdam)

Einstein’s Mistakes comes from a physicist who offers a biography of Einstein by way of analyzing his failures and mistakes: as such it provides an involving survey which considers the history of physics and Einstein’s mistakes as well as those of other leading scientists over the decades. An involving, moving survery.”—James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

This is a wonderful book, entertaining, informative, full of interesting material. I think everyone will enjoy reading it.—David Goodstein, The California Institute of Technology

“This is a unique book. Einstein's scientific mistakes are so masterfully presented and thoroughly analyzed that reading the book will enrich the knowledge of the specialist and the general reader alike about fundamental aspects of Einstein's real and attempted contributions to the twentieth century physics.” —Vesselin Petkov, Concordia University, Montreal, author of  Relativity and the Nature of Spacetime

“Ohanian makes one big mistake himself: The title of the book. This book tells us a lot more than “Einstein’s Mistakes.” It is a wonderful and insightful description of how science, and all creative work, really takes place. To paraphrase Kepler (quoted by Ohanian), it reveals the wondrous and twisted roads that lead us to knowledge.”—Stephen Krashen, Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California, author of The Power of Reading

“A wonderfully interactive and unusual biography of Einstein:  Each of Einstein's ‘mistakes’ challenges us to try and follow the workings of his incredible mind.”—Wolfgang Rindler, Professor of Physics, University of Texas at Dallas, author of Essential Relativity: Special, General, and Cosmological


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